Treasures from the Closet
It's no cliche to say that "Treasures from the Closet" is a labor of love. This collection of songs is truly a reflection of the love that these two artists feel for one another, their families and life.

Songs by Carol King, Joni Mitchell and the others represent the folk/rock influences that have shaped the Gallagher's music over the years. No doubt some of those records are in a closet somewhere and the actual recording of this CD was done partly in Lorraine's son Matthias' closet, the audio console residing in his bedroom.

1. Deed I Do 2:11
2. Furry Friend 2:34
3. C'est si Bon 2:24
4. Circle Game 3:38
5. Crazy About a Girl 3:21
6. Danny Boy 2:57
7. Grandpa 4:12
8. Little One 3:46
9. Bye Bye Kids 3:22
10. Someday Soon 3:35
11. That'll Be the Day 2:08
12. DWI 3:04
13. Sleepy Eyes 3:12
14. Fallin' in Love 2:27
15. You've Got a Friend 3:37
Red Gallagher - guitar, harmonica and vocals
Lorraine Gallagher - guitar and vocals
Matthias Bleicken - bass
Jamie Gemmiti - photography
Produced by Lorraine and Red Gallagher and Matthias Bleicken
Engineered and mastered by Matthias Bleicken
at Sound Reasoning, Alexandria VA
$15.00 +$2.00 s&h

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