Red Gallagher... with Friends
12" Vinyl LP - currently out of print

You'll have to bug Red to get him to have another run of this masterpiece manufactured, because it's SOLD OUT. Recorded in 1979 at Moonsound in Minneapolis, this black vinyl, long-playing high fidelity record includes such Red Gallagher originals as "Getaway", Highway Nine", "Inflation Blues", "Easy Love" plus 6 other favorites from Red's repertoire.

The friends: Garry Cap, Tom Eckhoff, Ronnie Hines, Lonnie Knight, Larry Ankrum, Madeleine Hart, Chris Miller, Richard Herriges, John Bellville, Mary Elias, Tom Nystrom, Lee Sorenson, and the infamous Coilhead and Chorus on background vocals. Produced by Red and engineered by Chris Moon.

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